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Holistic Therapist & NLP Life Coach
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EMDR Therapy 

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy


Desensitise traumatic memories, improve your self esteem, manage your anxiety, change bad habits & more..


Life Coaching

Life Coaching with NLP




Move forward in your life, reach your goals, fulfil your dreams & make positive changes.



Emotional Freedom Techniques 


Also known as 'tapping', EFT can be used to treat chronic pain and emotional issues such as PTSD, stress & anxiety.



Reiki Healing



A Japanese energy healing technique which promotes mental & physical wellbeing.

My Approach

I can work with you to realise your potential by helping you to shift emotional and mental blockages, either by focussing on a particular therapy, or by using a combination of Life Coaching, EMDR, NLP, Reiki, or EFT techniques suited to your needs…after all, we are all different unique beings and not ‘one size fits all’!

About Me

My name is Juli and I am passionate about helping you on your wellbeing journey; whether that means healing from trauma, fulfilling your dreams, realising your potential or simply enjoying energy therapy to support the ups and downs that everyday life can sometimes bring us.

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"Set your life on fire....seek those who fan your flames" ~ Rumi

Below are just some of the issues I work with, but am not limited to, please just ask.




Self Esteem


Toxic Relationships


New Beginnings

Life Coaching

EMDR has been life changing for me, I'm truly thankful for the big changes in such a small amount of time - in the few sessions that we've had, I've been able to see a brighter future and put the past behind me.

Robert .G. Age 47


Harley Street, London W1




tel: +44 (0) 7814 411 350

Mon - Sun: appointments available throughout the week

Book online or contact me to confirm availability.

Life Coaching sessions may also be conducted over Skype or Facetime.

EMDR & EFT sessions are available in Harley Street on Saturday afternoons.

Reiki sessions are also available via distance healing, and we can arrange at a time that's convenient for you if you are in a different time zone.

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